Sunday, August 16, 2009

A lot going on

It's been busy here. Summer always seems so full. The garden harvest is in full force. I've done 16 pints of tomatoes and 7 pints of pickles. We froze peppers, lima beans and okra. For once the zucchini has been coming in at a nice slow steady pace, about 1 or two per week. I'm not a fan of frozen zucchini so it's nice when it comes in so that we can eat it right away. We did dehydrated tomatoes this year which are super tasty. I'm out of canning jars so I think I'll end up dehydrating or freezing any more tomatoes that come in. We are starting to get kohlrabi (only planted one row.) Our cranberry beans, brussells sprouts and broccoli are all looking great (although we are having problems with some kind of caterpillar eating the leaves so we have to keep up with spraying. The red calypso beans are apparently extremely tasty to bunnies. The little rabbit ate all 16 plants clear down to the ground! At least he hasn't touched anything else so I guess I can live with it.

On the crafty front, I have been industriously working away on a myriad of projects.

I finished the foulard.Egh, not thrilled with it. Being knit on the bias it stretches like the dickens and just looks sloppy to me. It's also much smaller than I expected, even though I made the large size. It'll be fine for keeping my shoulders warm, but it's not a pattern I would knit again.

The sweatshirt jacket I bought the pattern for at Quilt Odyssey is coming along spl
endidly.The body is finished and I wore it embellished to work this week.Here you can see all the embellishments that need to be finished and applied. I need to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90 yoyos. The Clover YoYo makers have been a godsend. I made the first few yoyos the traditional way and had decided it wasn't worth the hassle and was going to skip the yoyos all together. Then mom introduced me to this gadget. Wow, you can't believe how easy it is to make yoyos. I can make 3 in like ten minutes. If you need to make yoyos, I HIGHLY recommend them.

After knitting laceweight yarn all summer I suddenly got the urge to knit somet
hing heavier. I think the fact that September is just one page away has me longing for fall! Ever since I saw it in last winter's Twist Collective, I've had my eye on Heroine. Suddenly I decided now was the time to make it. I purchased Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Current and got started right away.This jacket is knit at a larger gauge then felted down to size when it's completed. I was careful to swatch and measure before I started since felting is such a finicky process and I would hate to put all that time and money into a project and not have it fit! I had to adjust my needle size down and knit the size larger than I first thought, but I think this should work (fingers crossed). After only two day's work I'm halfway up the back. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to order more yarn since I'm having to knit the next larger size, so this is my main priority knitting at the moment. I want to get far enough along to see where I stand and try to order more yarn right away while I might still be able to get the same dye lot.

I was a big winner recently! Our local grocery store gave away a gas grill and yours truly was picked the winner. I was tickled pink since only a few weeks before I was lamenting to C how much I would love a gas grill, this on a night when the charcoal grill was refusing to light. I'm still getting the hang of cooking on gas and am still a little nervous I'll blow myself up.

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