Monday, December 04, 2006

Mom loved her socks. She even wore them the day after I gave them to her, even though they were wool and it was well into the 60's that day. Meanwhile, I finished the kool aid socks.The are a bit uneven, probably due to the fact I switched needles and methods several times throughout the process. They started on two circs and ended up on one circ, different brands every time (we all know needles aren't always consistent between manufacturers.) I also lost the instructions for the heel between doing the first and the second. Thus the second heel doesn't match the first.This is a bummer for me since my shoe wardrobe is nearly all open heel slides and clogs. You don't really notice it when they are on, and they fit very well, so I'm keeping them as is. I plan to purchase more of this yarn. It's KnitPicks dye your own (they've changed the name to Bare now). It's soft and warm. There is a nice sheen to it too. The kool aid dye took fabulously. Everyone that saw me knitting on these socks commented how much they loved the color.

Current knitting is hats for my MIL and SIL for Christmas. The holiday 06 issue of
KnitSimple had a whole slew of hat patterns and, although I had decided not to knit Christmas presents this year, I couldn't resist. I finished the one for my SIL in 2 days and should have the other one done tonight. The patterns are wrong (in my opinion) and produce hats that are way too short. I followed Stephanie's "Rule" for hats for the second one and it looks like it will fit better. After I get these done, I plan to cast on another pair of socks. I've still got all that six ply sock from the other month to knit up. And socks are PERFECT car knitting. Plus, I think I've finally got the method/pattern/rules memorized so all I need to carry is the yarn and needle.

In other news...Santa came early to the fuzzy faced creatures of our home. When Stuart and Quinn were babies, we had a pet fountain for them to drink from. However, it died a few years ago and we never bothered to replace it. Lately, Stuart insists on drinking out of the spigot. Whenever you brush your teeth, or take a bath, or wash your hands, he's right there on the counter trying to drink out of the faucet. It got to be just too annoying. So we broke down and ordered them a new fountain. Even after 2 or 3 years, Stuart remembered what it was. Here he is waiting for me to fill it.He tried every way possible to get water out of that empty fountain. I could barely stop laughing long enough to fill the darn thing. Here's Stuart a few minutes later.Happy as a clam. He played with that water and drank and played for 45 minutes straight. Quinn accepted it with her normal aplomb. When Stuart finally finished, she strolled over, drank a little, then laid down for a nap.

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