Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas wrap-up

Although still unseasonably warm, it's been a wonderful holiday week. Lots of good food and fun time with the families (the diet starts today!). Everyone loved their gifts.We sat around Christmas afternoon watching Finian's Rainbow (love that movie!!) Santa was good to me this year and I was lucky enough to get nearly everything I wanted. I got movies and candy and gift certificates galore; a cozy sweater and an awesome MP3 player. Two knitting gifts to note...a gift certificate for the LYS and ...I was thrilled!! I read just a bit in it so far and was instantly reminded why I love EZ so much. I had almost ordered this book and the accompanying dvds a few weeks ago, but ended up ordering some of Lucy Neatby's dvds instead (still waiting for them to get here from Canada though.)

Here are the pictures of the gifts I made that I couldn't post before.

The way cool pirate dishcloth...And the cute and cozy house socks...
I am on a major sock kick right now. Just finished the first sock in my pair of Online Supersockes
I thought these would turn out more green, but there isn't much green in them at all. Still a nice neutral colorway. I needed some car knitting last night so I cast on the Mr Joe yarn to make the Welsh Country socks from Folk Socks.I'm having just a little trouble with my super-pointy Knit Picks Options needle wanting to catch in the fairly loose spun yarn, but I'm getting the hang of it now. I think I'm really going to like this yarn for socks. The color is ever so slightly mottled when it's knitted up. And it feels soft and warm. I'm considering changing the sole to a fair-isle pattern (just got the Sock Hop book and am inspired to try some colorwork). But the two strands of yarn would also add strength to the sole. I've got a while before I get to that point and have to decide.

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Hanks In The Hood said...

Ok I think I could handle the worsted weight house socks. Those look more like my speed. We will just have to take away the fancy fair isle. I just don't need anything else stressing me out as I am nearing the toe. HaHaHa. Jen