Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bzz Agent reviews

I love free samples. Well, I love samples in general, but free ones are the best. A little while back I heard about a program that provides sample products for people to try in exchange for the individual reviewing and spreading the word about the product. It sounded pretty easy and kind of fun so I signed up. The program is called Bzz Agent and is at The program is free to join. You fill out surveys with your interests and preferences. Based on your surveys you may (or may not) be selected for specific promotions. If selected you receive an invitation to join and its your choice whether or not you are interested in joining. When you join a project you will receive either samples of the product or vouchers to acquire the product yourself for free. All BzzAgent asks is that you provide feedback on the products and share your experiences with friends and family and online as you see fit.

The reason I'm telling you all this is twofold.
  1. This might sound fun and appealing to some of you and maybe you want to join up too. 
  2. You are probably going to be seeing more product reviews popping up on my blog/twitter/facebook. I've not had much to share lately so these have all been relatively quiet. I don't want to turn into a walking advertisement either, so I will try to get back to posting other things as well.
I've already received 3 invites and have started on my first campaign which you'll be hearing about soon. I hope the Bzz Agent experience will prove to be interesting and fun and to discover some good new products.

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