Sunday, November 21, 2010

More mitts

As a follow up to the mitts I knit for my sister, I indulged in a pair of mitts for me. These cute little mitts were on display at Yarn Love when we visited there a few weeks back and I couldn't resist the them.
The pattern is the Welted Fingerless Gloves from Churchmouse Yarns. The yarn is Silk Blend by Manos del Uruguay. These are an extremely simple and fast knit. The pattern uses a one row buttonhole for the thumb opening, the first time I've seen a thumb done this way. 
The yarn is incredibly soft and warm. In the past I've not been happy with this type of softly spun singles yarn because they tend to pill. I'm interested to see if the silk content helps to reduce this tendency. I've worn them many times these last few weeks and so far they look as good as new.

Another finished object, but this time from the sewing front. A recent Knit Picks catalog featured a cross over product from their sister-site, the quilting store Connecting Threads. KP is offering a sewing kit that includes material and patterns to make a needle case, backpack and drawstring project bags. I chose the winter variety of fabrics and made the needle case.
I would rate the pattern as intermediate, not for a beginning sewer. Were I to sew another one (and it's likely I will since I'm so happy with the case) I would change up the pockets a bit. All the edges are finished with a turned under edge, but I think a doubled over pocket would be sturdier and also look more finished. Of course, that uses more fabric so I understand their decision to finish the pockets as they did.
There are PLENTY of pockets in this case. There are enough pockets to accommodate an entire set of interchangeable tips as well as pockets for the various cables. The pockets on the right are designed for circular needles. I have far too many circs to move them into this case, but might put a few of my most frequently used needles in there. There are pockets for dpns as well, although those too are empty in my case since I rarely use them. I love this case. The only drawback is that the pockets aren't labeled with the needle sizes and KP doesn't mark the size on their needles. I think I'm going to order their needle id tags and sew them to the pockets like buttons for easier identification.

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