Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big snow

I'm going to join many other east coast bloggers with my pictures from the big snow (aka snowpocalypse, aka snowmagedon). Two back to back snow storms this past week dumped in the neighborhood of 3 feet of snow on us. The first storm hit on Saturday February 6We ended up with around 20 inches of snow. Thankfully it was the light, fluffy variety and was fairly easy to shovel. Although this also meant it drifted pretty easily. But we dug out from that one and went about our business. Then Wednesday rolled around and dumped another 20 inches of snow on us.I went out mid afternoon to clear a spot to put out some birdseed and got a yardstick shot. It's showing 14 inches but hubby had shoveled the walks once in the morning already and there had been about 5 or 6 inches then. The snow did not stop until after 5. So we and all our neighbors were out in the dark shoveling snow. This snow as also pretty light, but since the existing piles of snow were already quite high it took much more effort to shovel. Once we made it to the garage C was able to use the snow blower to clear behind the garage and help the neighbors unbury their cars. Not that having our cars accessible did us any good since the Borough did a piss poor job clearing the roads. Granted, this was a difficult situation and I'm sure budgets are tight, but we did not see a plow or salt truck from Wednesday morning until Friday morning. Thursday the roads in town were solid packed snow and ice. Thankfully the sun shone on Thursday and Friday and the Borough trucks did get out Friday to salt and plow so the roads were much improved by Friday night. We still have giant mounds of snow at most intersections which I imagine will be here until spring! The weather folks are watching another potential storm for Monday and Tuesday. Forecasts are ranging from less than an inch to over a foot so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what we get. All I know is spring can not get here soon enough!

I've taken advantage of all this cold miserable weather to spend quality time with my Kindle. I'm reading
Snow Ball at the moment. It's probably best described as a dark comedy. Enjoyable and engaging reading.

Jen sent me some fiber for my birthday last week. I mentioned I'd like to try my hand at dying fiber again (having been put off by my first rather disastrous attempt a few years back) and she'll happily obliged me with some superwash merino fiber. So while snowed in last Sunday I gave it a try. I followed the directions for hot pour dying in the Twisted Sisters sock book and here's the resultI'm still having trouble with the dye striking too fast and leaving white patches in the core, but the colors are deep, which I love, and the fiber is still lofty and uncompacted. I was careful not to handle the wet fiber much so there was only minor fiber disorientation. I'm excited to try spinning it! I only dyed a portion of the fiber so still have more to play with. I just got Gail Callahan's new book Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece in the mail yesterday. Although I haven't had a chance to sit down and read it yet at first glance it looks wonderful. Full report soon.

And finally....hope for spring
My onion and tomato seedlings are sprouting, hooray! I've had some difficulty in the past starting seeds. Our house is small with poor natural light. I've got a nice big grow light, but the only place I have room to set it up is in the (unheated) basement. This year I invested in a seed germination heating mat. Boy has it made a difference. It feels only very slightly warm to the touch, but apparently that bottom heat must make a world of difference. The seedlings are thriving.

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