Sunday, February 21, 2010

All dressed up

As further proof of how much I love my Kindle, I decided to spend my birthday money on dressing it up (thank you family for the fundage!) Although the white color of the Kindle is easy on the eyes I'm afraid it's going to end up getting dirty in no time. I've kept mine in a silicone skin, but discovered dirt was getting under the skin plus it was really ugly. Then someone on the Rav boards mentioned Decal Girl skins and I knew I had to have one. There are hundreds of cool designs over there. I went with Tree of Books.

The skin is made of vinyl and was pretty easy to apply without bubbles (unlike the screen protector which requires something in the line of a Level 4 clean room to prevent dust bubbles). The nice thing about the skin is it gives just a bit of grip - I find the naked Kindle to feel slick and am in fear of dropping it. Plus it's really pretty!

I also upgraded from my standard clip light to a Kandle. The old light worked ok but I found I had to adjust the arm often to get the light just right on the screen. Plus it was kind of bulky and I had to remove it to store my Kindle. The Kandle provides a nice even illumination across the screen and is very light and compact. I can leave it attached all the time so it's there when I need it but is unobtrusive when I don't.

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