Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanks to our new Pennsylvania budget cutting funds, our library has had to drop NetLibrary. NetLibrary was my main source for audiobooks for my Zen. I've found audiobooks to be the perfect companion for knitting, riding the exercise bike and while doing computer input at work. We can still checkout audiobook cds from the library, but it's time consuming and not entirely failproof to move them to the MP3 player. NetLibrary was great because you could get the audiobook all in one file. I'm hoping this is only a temporary thing, but for now, I'm looking for alternate sources for free/cheap audiobooks.

I've subscribed to CraftLit again and am listening to The Scarlet Letter. I'm fortunate to have resub'd after the book was finished so I won't have to wait for new chapters. The nice thing about Craftlit is that Heather gives some explanation to each chapter. For a non-literary type like me, this is extremely helpful in understanding the finer points of the book.

I'm considering treating myself to a Kindle for Christmas. I'm fortunate to have saved enough money this year to afford such a luxury. I'm just not entirely sure how much use I'd get out of it. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm cheap with a capital C. So how likely am I to spend the $10 a pop for most Kindle books. I know there are free ones out there and I'll be doing some investigating before I make a final decision. The thing I like about the new Kindle is that it now offers text to voice so the thing will actually read to me. How cool is that? I'm sure it's just a computer generated voice, no Jim Dale or George Guidall. Jury is still out. Anyone have one? Any thoughts?

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