Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snow and my lack of basic math skills

This week winter decided to hit with a vengeance. Starting Tuesday afternoon and into the night we had snow. At some point over night, this changed over to sleet. Wednesday, Mother Nature doused us with a couple of hours of rain, followed by more snow and an arctic blast of sub-freezing temperatures. This unholy cocktail resulted in major traffic headaches (a 50 mile traffic jam on I-78) and a 8 inches of snow and ice to clear from our sidewalks and drives. Most people are still (3 days later) trying to clear their properties. Thankfully, the sun is shining today and they are calling for temps above freezing so things should start improving.

Since my last post, I've been knitting away on the sleeves for the seamless yoke sweater. I finished the 1st sleeve last weekend, put it in my knitting basket and got underway with the second sleeve. About halfway through when, according to my notes, I should have been at the end of my increases, I found my self about 10 stitches short. I counted and recounted and couldn't figure out what went wrong. So I pulled the first sleeve out of my basket, laid them side by side and...
son-of-a-%^&#>! Sleeve number one is about 2 inches wider at the cuff. I thought it looked awfully wide, but having never knit one of these EPS sweaters, figured that's how they were supposed to be. Turns out, I just can't count. Today I will finish sleeve number two, which now is actually sleeve number one and start reknitting sleeve number one which could technically be considered sleeve number 3. Note to self...count your cast on stitches twice, maybe even 3 times for good measure.

We had to remove the jar from our squirrel feeder after two birds got stuck in it in the last month (and since we cut down our tree last spring, we don't seem to get any squirrels anymore anyway). Apparently, birds can figure out how to hop in and eat, but not turn around and hop out. We left the base up, though and have been filling it with seeds for the birds.Here's a lovely cardinal enjoying his breakfast this morning. And if I turn just 90ยบ to the left...
We find Stuart, perched on his Cozy Cushion on the dryer, eyeing said cardinal and contemplating what kind of breakfast he might like to have.

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