Monday, May 29, 2006


Seeing as how Memorial Day IS the unofficial start of summer, I guess this heatwave is not completely unexpected. However, and I'm sure this has been mentioned before, summer is so my least favorite time of year. I hate the heat. I awoke with nasty dizzy spells which I'm sure were brought on by this weather. My hair is frizzy and my face is sticky. Yuck. How many days till fall?

Meanwhile, spring cleaning continues here in Peacecatville. I hate house cleaning. (Actually, I've only met 2 people, ever, who actually admit to liking to house clean, but I'm assuming they are some sort of genetic mutants and we won't be talking about them.) Still, in addition to the weekly spruce up, the house does get a good
thorough cleaning at least once a year and right now, I'm in the midst of it. This weekend I finished up the curtains, blinds and windows, I still have one new curtain to make, but with the mercury sitting at 92, it's way too hot to work in my sewing room. All that's left is stripping and waxing the kitchen & laundry room floors. Unless I decide to paint...but that's still up in the air.

Today I worked in the garden. Hubby and I went to the flea market yesterday and I picked up these lovely Coral Bells.

It's sort of hard to see the flowers in this picture, the ones on the right are sort of drooping. Hoping they perk up once they get established. The lady we bought them from said they are good for attracting hummingbirds. That would be delightful, but I've never seen a hummingbird in this area. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Here's one of the cucumbers today I put in today. Hoping the cages will provide enough support and will keep the plants pretty vertical. My garden is pretty small so I try to maximize space when I can.

The last time we planted cucumbers we grew them up a little trellis I had. It wasn't quite big enough, but it did seem to keep the plant healthier and the cucumber much nicer than when they sprawl all over the place.

Look at this little fella I found hiding among the tomatoes. His mommy was fussing up a storm the whole time I was working.

My newly retired mom and I hit the sale at JoAnn's today. I wasn't planning to buy anything, but you know how that goes...

Ann & Kay's book has me itchin' to make dishcloths (that and the enormous number of paper towels I've gone through cleaning, time for some reusable cleaning supplies!) Conveniently enough, dishcloth cotton was on a super sale ($1.49/super-size ball!!) Buttons for the 3 Seasons Cardi which is in limbo until the heat passes, but the buttons were so cool, and also 50% off! Muslin for a duvet. But as I washed and hung it out to dry, I got to thinking this sure doesn't look like enough fabric. Sure enough, I only bought half what I needed. Damn. Knew I should have done the math on a calculator and not in my head! Thankfully, I found several yards of muslin left from my fabric dyeing experiments a few years ago and should be able to muddle through. Once it cools off, of course.

For now, I'm off to try to find a cool spot in front of the fan. Since no knitting will be going on in this heat, I think I'll start on Blossom Street.

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