Sunday, June 04, 2006

First impressions: Fiddlesticks Country Silk

My new shawl yarn arrived Friday from It only took 2 weeks from Canada, not bad.
The yarn is Fiddlesticks Country Silk, manufactured by Fleece Artist. Everyone raves about Fleece Artist yarns, so my expectations were pretty high.
The yarn is 50% silk, 30% wool and 20% nylon. The feel is neither too soft or too scratchy. It has an incredible sheen in natural light. There is no gauge or needle size recommended on the tag. I would say the yarn is about a sport weight (although the website lists it as suitable for DK weight patterns).

The color, Marrakesh, is perfect, a blend of purple, teal, gold and green.
The hank is 250 grams/800 meters. This one HUGE hank produced three equally huge balls of yarn. I was a bit concerned to discover quite a bit of vegetable matter in the yarn as I was winding it off the swift. However, it pulls out easily and does not really detract from the overall appearance of the knitted fabric.

I fully intended to finish up the Landscape shawl before starting a new one. I really only have about 10 rows or so to go until it's finished. I'm not going to have enough yarn to put the fifth texture panel in, so I'm going to end it when I complete the 4th. But now that each row is over 250 stitches, it's taking me forever to complete a row. I made a valiant effort yesterday. Put in Star Wars Episode III, figuring a good action pic might get me moving, and I did get several rows done. But I just couldn't resist the Country Silk. I decided it might be good to go ahead an swatch it. Funny how the swatch looks an awful lot like the beginnings of a shawl...

I'm making the "Thinking Woman's Shawl" found here. I love the way the eyelets start in the center then veer off to each side. I'm using US 8 needles and getting 5 1/4 stitches per inch in garter stitch. I think I could have even gone up a needle size or two for a lacier effect, but I think this will be prefect. It's nice and light weight. I'm so in love.

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