Sunday, March 12, 2006

Let's try that again

I made it all the way to the start of the toe decreases on the koolaid sock before I decided I just couldn't live with the heel. I put it on and you can see how bad it looks. Look at that hole. And the decreases look awful.
So I ran my needles in a row or two before the heel and ripped it all the way back. I love this technique. It's so much less scary than just ripping since you know the stitches can't go any further than where the needle is. This time I'm knitting a no-purl heel flap I found here. I love the look and it feels like it's going to be nice and cushy.

I was knitting on it while watching Goblet of Fire this afternoon. Had to stop when I reached the heel turn because I didn't want to miss any of the movie while reading instructions. I enjoyed the movie much more the second time around. I think my expectations were a little high when I saw it in the theater. But now, knowing what was and wasn't included, I could just enjoy it.

I've decided to try to sell some of my soaps. I'm quite happy with how they are turning out and think others will enjoy them too. I've listed a few on Ebay. Anyone who is interested and mentions my blog, will receive a 20% discount. All I ask is you let me know how you like the soap.

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