Sunday, November 10, 2013

The All Natural Face box, November

In a nod towards Thanksgiving, Gratitude is the theme of the November The All Natural Face subscription box.

The highlight of the box is a set of 10 full size pre-release pigment eye shadows! The collection has a number of green-based shadows, which I sometimes find hard to pull off with my skin tone, but I have been adventurously testing them out this last week and have been pretty pleased. My favorite look so far used New Year's Eve as a brow highlight, Pumpkin on the outside corners of the lids and Absinthe on the inside corners. Softly blended the look is gorgeous. Be sure to use a base with the pigments since they don't seem to want to stick to my bare skin very well.

Also included were samples of Facial Cleanser and Bananas & Cream face food (which I haven't tried yet) and Oil Makeup Remover. I've tried the oil remover and find it works wonderfully at dissolving all traces of makeup with out being too greasy afterwards. I prefer to use it with a hot cloth as just rinsing doesn't seem to work as well.

Finally, they included a $10 gift certificate. This is amazing. The box only cost $15 and they ship priority mail which means they spent at least $5 to ship it. It's like they are just giving it away! I continue to be so impressed with this company. I've got a full fledged order on the way from them (finally redeemed my Groupon) and can't wait to post about all those new goodies when they arrive.

The link is back up if you want to subscribe to the monthly beauty box. Just click here.

ps...I'm not in anyway affiliated with TANF. Just a happy customer!

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