Monday, July 05, 2010

More sewing

This weekend's post was supposed to be all about Tour de Fleece (a spinning challenge that coincides with the bicycling race, Tour de France). A month or so back I signed up with the Knit Girllls team with a goal of spinning 10 minutes a day during the tour. Alas, I'm still sidelined by my achy hands so I'm going to bow out before I even start. If you are interested in more information on TdF, check out the official group on Ravelry.

On the plus side, I am starting to notice improvements in my hands. My left wrist is doing much better and only gives me problems occasionally. I was even able to do some weight training this week, still no push ups though. My right thumb still hurts but it too is showing signs of improvement. The last few nights I've been putting a hot pack on it rather than ice and I'm feeling quite a bit better. I've been able to knit a bit, maybe 30 minutes each day since Friday. I wear a support on my left hand and have my right thumb wrapped so I remember not to use it. I'm hopefully I can avoid the trip to the chiropractor if improvement continues.

So instead of knitting, I've been doing tons of sewing. Last weekend I sewed 2 bags with some of the fabric from Burkholders (and some stash fabric). The first is a purse from the fabulous One Yard Wonders book.
This is the Flouncy Bag. It's much smaller than the Namaste bag I've been carrying, which took some getting used to. But the lighter weight and cotton fabric make it much more summer friendly.

Also from this book I made the Better than a Box cat bed.
This was a bit fiddley to sew, but the results are very well loved by the feline population of our home. I stuffed the bed with the leftover wool batting and some random wool leftovers I had laying around.

Next up is a little tote bag that's made using 3 fat quarters of fabric.
I found the pattern online, but am not linking it because the pattern has issues. The designer must have larger fat quarters than I can get (you know those things are never cut square and you rarely get the 18x22" you're supposed to) because I couldn't get the pieces she calls for from my FQs. So I just used her basic idea and came up with my own bag.
The fabrics are reversed from one side to the next. It's a perfect little lunch bag size.

Last up is a nearly instant sundress. JoAnn Fabric had this cheater fabric on sale this weekend.The top is shirred with elastic and the bottom is a full skirt.
For $9 I got enough fabric for a dress and ribbon to use for straps. All you do is sew up the 2 cut edges, add straps and you are done! You could cut the bottom down and hem it if you wanted a shorter dress. But since this is strictly for around-the-house-wear for me, the selvage finished edge is just fine for now.

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CraftyCarla said...

This is cute, I love these dresses. I have two that I wear around the house or outside for yardwork. I will have to go by Joanns and see what other patterns they have available.