Sunday, May 30, 2010

The kitchen witch in me

I have long been into homemade bath and body products. I've been making my own beauty products off and on since high school and though there are many commercial products I use and like, there's just something special about the homemade. I know exactly what is in what I'm putting on my skin and can pronounce and recognize each ingredient. Plus the act of creating these potions speaks to my inner alchemist. Using pure essential oils provides aromatherapy as well as skin healing properties.

The last few months has seen a resurgence in my interest in homemade skin care. I discovered fabulous cold cream on Etsy from Cataphract. I've not been able to duplicate her product, but I've discovered I can make a mighty fine night cream for myself in the process of trying. A mention of natural deodorant on the now defunct Lime and Violet podcast got me investigating recipes for that as well. I found it is super simple to make and works wonderfully. Now that our weather is starting to creep into the 80s and 90s we'll see how well natural holds up to the heat!

My latest adventure in homemade natural is trying to create some infused oils. Our lavender is blooming in abundance and smells divine. I decided to try two blends...
The first jar is stuffed full with lavender buds and mint leaves topped with olive oil. The second is lavender and rose petals with sunflower oil. The jars will need to sit in a dark place for several months to infuse the oil with the flowers' scents. I started the lavender/mint oil a week or two ago and the oil is already starting to absorb the scent. I'm very much looking forward to having these infused oils next fall and winter to (hopefully) create some great smelling soaps and lotions!

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Hanks In The Hood said...

oooh lavendar is my favorite!!!