Sunday, March 07, 2010

Finally, some pictures!

Skully is finished and turned out gorgeous. I used the modified drop-shoulder sweater from Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater patterns rather than the pattern in Stitch n Bitch. I wasn't at all crazy about the shape of the original sweater. But I'm delighted with how mine turned out. The yarn is wonderfully cozy (Kraemer Yarns Victor, dyed by me in Jacquard Gunmetal).

This week I've mostly been knitting on the Shake the Barley mitts from Fiddle Knits. I LOVE these mitts! I'm using the left over Wool of the Andes from my Heroine jacket for the cuffs and Patons Classic Merino for the body. The pattern is well written and these are a fast easy knit. There's a matching hat pattern that I'll probably end up purchasing and knitting as well.

Here's the finished Chasm handspun.I've yet to take the wpi count and figure yardage. It's definitely not fingering weight. Possibly sport weight or DK. No plans for this just yet.

I spent this morning potting up some of my seedlings. I moved the cherry tomatoes and candy onions into larger pots. I found repotting the onions a bit challenging so I left the others in the original flats. I thinned out the weak and small seedlings and added a bit more soil. They've got a ways to go before they'll be sturdy enough to get into the garden. Now that the snow is melted off the garden I'm starting to get excited for spring. Dad and I had a lengthy discussion the other day about what we hope to do with our respective gardens. Planning is half the fun!!

I finished reading The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse early this week (did you see Leann posted a comment last week! How awesome is that?!) This week I read a bunch of previews and finally settled on Dead Witch Walking. Delightful so far. I've been listening to the Canterville Ghost which is also delightful. I had no idea something that old could be that hilarious. I'm woefully unread when it comes to classic literature. I considered the required reading in high school torturous (can you say Grapes of Wrath?) But now that I'm older and not under the instant joy-killer of "required to read" and with so many classics available now for free in Kindle and audio (via Librivox), I'm finding quite a lot that I enjoy. I find it particularly satisfying to listen to classics read by someone else. It's often easier for me to process difficult vocabulary hearing it rather than trying to read it.

I nearly broke the stash diet this week. With the weather just starting to hint at the possibility of maybe giving us spring one day, I'm hankering to knit a cotton cardi. I added and deleted sweater quantities of yarn to my virtual shopping basket at least 4 times this week. But in the end, I managed to walk away. I pulled out the Caron Simply Soft I reclaimed from a previous project that didn't work out and cast on the Yoked Cardigan from Kertzer. Although it's not the cotton I had my heart set on, this yarn will still make a fine spring cardigan.

Speaking of reclaimed yarn, it looks like I'll be reclaiming the yarn from the February Lady sweater I knit last winter/spring. As I mentioned in the original post when I finished the sweater, I knit the piece too long and the lace also stretches A LOT. It's too the point now where it hangs almost to my knees. Plus I've lost weight and it's too big at the top now too. It looks like a potato sack on me. The yarn is too pretty to be wasted so I'll be working on unpicking the ends and then ripping back the yarn as time permits. I'm fairly sure I'll knit another FLS since I do love the sweater. But it will be in a smaller size and with far fewer repeats! For anyone who hasn't caught on, yes, I am very much a process knitter. I have no reservations about ripping out a sweater I spent weeks knitting!

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