Friday, July 03, 2009

Back on Etsy

After several months off, I'm finally back on Etsy with hand dyed sock yarn and small tote bags. Click the link at right to see what's in my shop.

Now that it's
July and summer is officially here (although it doesn't feel like it with temps still in the very tolerable upper 70s and low 80s), it's time for a garden update...

We had a delightful June. Moderate temperatures and lots of rain. The garden is flourishing.
The peppers are all loaded with fruit, the pumpkins are eagerly attempting to overtake the garden, the limas are starting to set pods, the snow peas are nearly done.Although this looks rather shabby, it's a great sign that our garlic and onions are nearly ready to harvest. Once the tops drop and start to wither, we'll pull these out and hang them to dry. I'm currently looking for some short season shell beans to plant in here once the onions are out to keep the bed active until fall. This bed has proved perfect for the alliums and we'll definitely replant them here this fall.

Our tomatoes are growing like gangbusters.
No signs of red yet, but we'll have tons once they start to ripen. And we finally got a zucchini plant that's starting to show some buds.

The mums and lavender I experimented with starting were only mildly successful. None of the lavender seems to be rooting, but most of the mums seem healthy and are starting to show some roots. In then center I've got some broccoli and Brussels sprouts starting for fall planting. At the moment I can't tell which is which since the marker I used to write on the tags was apparently not waterproof.

We've got bunnies again this year, but so far they've been far less destructive than the ants have been.
This little dude is so tame I could nearly reach out and pet it. I found it munching away on the sweet peas, but since they are nearly done anyway, I figured I'd let the little fellow have its treat.

Earlier this week we had a rather strong thunderstorm that l
eft us with this display of beauty.The double rainbow was so bright and perfectly arched we imagined we could actually drive to the end of it!

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Hanks In The Hood said...

I must admit it is hard to be mad at something so cute even though they can be so desctructive. My garden envy is shining through as I look at all your pictures. It may be October but damnit I will get there!!!