Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pinrose Perfume

I recently heard of a perfume company called Pinrose. The website offers a quiz to help you discover your perfect scent. The quiz is visual, a series of images to choose from and at the end they suggest 3 perfumes that they feel would be your perfect match. My suggestions were Pillowtalk Poet, Merry Maker and Moonlight Gypsy. Looking at all of their scents and note descriptions I thought I would like Campfire Rebel or Gilded Fox. They do not sell individual samples at this time, but you can buy a set of all the perfume samples. Or do like I did, buy the Hero Gift set which gives you the sample set to try all of the fragrances plus a voucher for a full bottle of perfume for just the cost of a bottle of perfume.

The set arrived in a cute little zipper pouch which I will reuse. There were twelve samples in all. I decided to try all of the scents, whether I thought I would like them or not, before deciding which scent to pick for my full bottle.
Now, I really hate towelette samples. Only one slight step above those fragrance strips in magazines, towelettes are generally worthless for trying a perfume. But these were ok. There was enough perfume on the towel to hit my pulse points and neck and the scent lasted several hours for all of them. Could only get one use from each sample so I made sure I wrote down my thoughts about each as I wore them. 

Secret Genius: Much like Prada Candy; woody vanilla Treehouse Royal: Earthy, sweet fig
Gilded Fox: Soft creamy chocolate
Wild Child: Average white floral
Tambourine Dreamer: Weak floral
Cuddle Punk: Fruity vanilla; would be good in spring
Merry Maker: Pale, weak citrus
Pillowtalk Poet: Perfect powdery musk
Moonlight Gypsy: Warm, woody, spicy. Nice
Garden Gangster: Beautiful floral for summer
Campfire Rebel: Very woody, smokey
Pinrose: Leather and rose

Of the three the quiz picked for me, I did not like Merry Maker at all but Moonlight Gypsy was ok. I loved Pillowtalk Poet. Of the two I thought I would like, I HATED Campfire Rebel and just liked Gilded Fox. 

In the end I redeemed my voucher for Pillowtalk Poet. The bottles are on the small side (1 oz) but are nicely packaged and have a great sprayer. I adore this perfume. When I wear it it feels like me. The scent has excellent longevity, lasting easily 4-6 hours and average throw.
You can buy Pinrose perfumes from their website and Sephora also carries them on their website (not sure if they have them in store). It's a really nice little fragrance house and I recommend you check them out if you are in the market for a new scent.

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