Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 scent lineup

For once, I've actually got a spring/summer fragrance library I'm excited about.
Normally the fresher lighter scents don't resonate with me like my rich, musky, boozy fall/winter scents. Summer tends to be a season of frustration for me when it comes to perfume. But this year, I am feeling the love for every scent on my shelf.

Returning favorites include Burberry Summer, Ed Hardy, Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2015 and Replica Lazy Sunday Morning.

Kiehl's Original Musk has become my year round, go to, comfort in a bottle scent. I anticipate this being a permanent fixture on the shelf.

At the risk of sounding like an Avon commercial, half of my line up is from their Today, Tomorrow, Always line. It started two years ago when I picked up Together. At the time I ordered it from Poland because I was impatient, but it never did hit America so I'm glad I did. It has been my most complimented scent and a firm favorite for warm weather. This year I decided to try a few more of the perfumes from the line. Amour, Tomorrow, Today and Daydream are all lovely. They are not overpowering but last for hours. Unlike some companies' flankers that all smell alike (I'm looking at you Thierry Mugler), these are all unique yet fit well together. I love the (mostly) consistent bottle design and how nice they look all lined up together. For inexpensive perfumes, Avon has always been a go to for me.

Missing from last year are Avon Pure O2. I bought bottles of this two years in a row and got tons of use from each bottle. But it has been the lone problem child from Avon perfumes for me in that it loses it's potency within only a few months. Fortunately, it is really inexpensive and still available so might pick up a bottle when summer heats up.

Also missing is Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl. This one has been a staple since I bought it about 4 years ago but the sprayer tanked on me a few weeks back. I salvaged as much as I could into a decant sprayer and will definitely pick up a new bottle when I run out.

I've been actively trying to scale down my collection after it ballooned to ridiculous proportions. I'm to the point now where everything on the shelf is a winner for me. It's a great feeling to (finally) have a carefully curated perfume library.

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