Sunday, August 16, 2015

Flea market finds - Aug 16, 2015

Yet another beautiful summer Sunday. Temps were in the upper 60s when we headed out to Adamstown this morning and we had a nice time walking through the markets. It is predicted to be hot today and it seemed to have deterred a lot of vendors from showing up. But I did find two treasures.

First was a box of random Christmas decorations for $10. I looked through it a bit at the stand and saw at least 6 decent looking Putz houses so I bought it. When I got home and sorted the junk from the good stuff I was delighted to find I had 11 nice condition houses. The church has it's steeple and the factory has it's stack. Seeing how I just paid $3 each for the others I bought earlier this summer I think I got a great deal. I found a site with helpful information on restoring these houses and I'm very much looking forward to getting these cleaned up and under the tree this year.
 At Shupp's Grove we were passing a stand that we walk by every week and a display of Halloween die cuts caught my eye. She had a large bin of die cuts in plastic sleeves and the first was a common skeleton. On a whim I just started flipping through the stack. I spotted the cat first. Further back I found the witch head and finally the pirate skeleton. The prices were marked between $20 - $28 each but owner of the stand said she'd knock around 30% off if we were interested. I knew I HAD to have that skeleton. I made a low offer on the set of three hoping for some room to negotiate and to my surprise so took it and sold the lot for to us for $40. When I got home I looked them up in my favorite reference book (Time For Halloween Decorations). All are from the late 50s to 60s. The cat is valued around $35 in good condition. The skeleton is embossed and is part of a larger set but each piece is valued between $55 - $75. The witch is known as "Creepy Alice" and features crepe paper hair (which is surprisingly intact), valued around $65. We definitely did good price wise, but I'm more thrilled to have this neat vintage pieces for our collection.

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