Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Garden

The garden is in and looking good. I'm approaching it a bit differently this year. Fewer plants, wider spacing. I think the last few years we've tried to cram too much in and ended up disappointed.

The long bed has onions again and tomatoes. I read an article in the local paper this week that suggested not suckering your tomatoes to increase yield and prevent sunburn. I was always taught to remove suckers and generally try to follow that practice. But I'm all about getting more tomatoes, so I'm going to give it a try. My mother in law has never suckered her plants and has HUGE yields (she also has soil to die for, but I can't really replicate that!) Excited to try the Black Krim. Everyone raves about heirloom tomatoes but I don't think I've had much luck in the past. Hope springs eternal.

The big bed is really quite spread out. The Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are prolific growers so I'm hoping I've left them enough room. Eggplant and peppers up the middle should be fine. And 3 squash plants to dominate the other third. Some people might be terrified at 3 squash plants since they tend to produce a ton. But C and I love zucchini and we've got a lot of neighbors to share with.

I decided not to put flowers in the little bed this year. The blueberries are still limping along. I put a Mountain Fresh and 2 Plum Crimson tomatoes and 4 North Star peppers. These are all kind of extras for sharing so we'll see how they make out over there.

The lilac we put in last year is getting ready to bloom. Our neighbor's lilac didn't bloom this year and I really miss the smell. Hopefully ours will be well scented.
The little bed at the end of our deck is looking so nice this year too. The burning bush is gorgeous. The bleeding hearts and columbines are really filling in too. I put a Golden Treasure Barberry in to try to fill up that last space.

Here's just a quick look at the flowerbeds at the front of our house. I have no rhyme or reason to what I plant there, just whatever looks pretty when we are looking at flowers. The mums didn't fair too well after our winter...only a few little stalks left. I'm hoping to baby them through but will replace them this fall if need be.
 We put down cocoa shell mulch this year. It is by far my favorite mulch but not always easy to come by. I love how easy it is to get in around the flowers. It smells heavenly. That does fade after awhile, but right now our house smells like Willy Wanka's chocolate factory! It is a light mulch so wind is not its friend and it can get a little moldy looking in a wet summer. Still, it is my go to when I can get it.

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