Sunday, January 04, 2015

Knitting check in January 2015

Knitting has been conspicuously absent from my blog (and pretty much from my life) for almost or maybe more than 2 years. Life got in the way and it was as if that light just blinked out one day. I stopped knitting, stopped going to Ravelry, stopped buying yarn.

I started a sock in fall 2013 because I wanted to have some knitting on vacation. It took me a full year to finish that sock, only to find out as I sewed in the last tail of yarn that there was a hole in the gusset. I soon discovered that the whole skein of yarn (Wollmeise no less) was riddled with bad spots where the plies had frayed. Was it just a bad skein or had it sat in storage too long?

Even though the discovery of the defective yarn was a bummer, it got me thinking I should use the yarns I have in stash before they all meet a similar fate. And slowly, my knitting mojo has started to return.

I cast on a sweater (Tea with Jam and Bread by Heidi Kirrmaier) since I had a full sweater quantity of Caron Country Yarn. It's knit from the top down, all in one piece so there will be no seaming at the end (yeah!!)

I chose to knit it all in one color, partly because I prefer solids to stripes, partly because the yarn is discontinued and it would have been difficult to get a second color. I'm about half way down the first sleeve and should have the sweater finished in time to wear it yet this season.

I decided to pull out my remaining ball of Wollmeise to see if it too was fraying. Fortunately, it is unscathed (I'm guess the other was just a flukey bad skein).

I'm just a few rows in to the Java socks pattern. Yes I'm using a toothpick as a cable needle since I can't seem to find any small cable needles in my knitting tools (maybe I never had any that small??) I've ordered a set off Etsy but for now the toothpick works fine.

And I did find a project to get onto those new Karbonz I wrote about last week. It's Brooklyn Tweed's Noro Scarf recipe. Basically just a one by one rib alternating two colors every two rows.
Bonus points for using my own handspun yarn. Thank goodness for my Ravelry notes from when I spun the stuff or I'd have no idea what they are (note to self, LABEL THY HANDSPUN WHEN THOU SPINS IT!) It is knitting up gorgeous and soft. Will look fantastic with my new wool coat.

So, hooray, I'm knitting again. It feels fantastic. I didn't realize how much I missed it. How cathartic and grounding and meditative knitting can be. Part of me feels these last 2 years might not have been so hard if knitting hadn't been so absent. Maybe, maybe not. For now, I'm very much enjoying my rekindled love.

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