Sunday, December 28, 2014

Moonalisa Halloween restock and Yule 2014

Back in October Moonalisa had a Halloween restock and Yule 2014 sale. We were at the cabin at the time, but thankfully had internet so I was able to snag some goodies. The turn around time was listed around 30 days with scheduled shipping to be around Dec 10. Due to some issues with her fulfillment company and the weather, things got pushed back some. Fortunately, my order arrived just before Christmas (about 4 days shy of two months after ordering!) As I said last time, however, it's so worth the wait.
 Here's the whole lot. The freebie gift is a mini solid massage bar. I thought it was a piece of candy! Thankfully I saw the description on the back of the pack before testing that theory!
 I ordered 3 Sugar Load Sugar Scrubs. They look like a creamy sugar scrub rather than the oily type. Gingernutter has a rich, warm scent. A bit buttery and nutty, not much ginger. Cassandra's Cauldron is chocolate covered orange. And Venetian Coffee Swirl is strong, dark coffee with a light, nutty background. All are totally delectable. I also picked up a Butter Rich Cream in Graveyard Gateau, a decedantly rich body butter that smells a bit similar to Cassandra's Cauldron, only with the chocolate being the predominant scent and the orange in the background.
 I picked up 4 perfume oils this time. Gingernutter and Venetian Coffee swirl to match the scrubs. Durga, which I had gotten in a hair mist last time, is a soft of citrusy/bakery scent. And No Witches on a Crackling Fire which is listed as a berry/smokey scent. Unfortunately, all I get is wood smoke. While this is a scent I do like, I don't care for it as much for a perfume. I'll probably end up using this in an oil burner as a room scent.
Just before Christmas, Moona posted a quick "mini-mini" sale with just a few ready to ship items that could go out before Christmas. I wasn't paying close enough attention to the time and missed out on the major goodies...mystery bags and lip balm sets. I did order just one of her Argan Oil Hair Rescue in Lavender Absolute. I would have rather had one of the sweet scents, but they sold out before I could get an order in. The lavender scent is strong and try, exactly like fresh picked lavender from my garden. I've tried the oil in my hair and it's a nice standard hair oil.

Overall I am once again thrilled with my purchases. She's got another sale coming up tonight (Dec 28, 2014, 9:30 pm eastern). This is the Valentines/MardiGras release, I believe. I'm pretty well stocked at the moment but will probably pop on just to see what's new.

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