Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vintage Created Soy Candles

2nd post today but I really wanted to get this one up too.

I recently discovered Vintage Created candles on Etsy. I picked up two of her woodwick soy candles for fall in Tobacco Caramel and Fireside.

They come in beautiful, heavy glass jars that she says can be washed and reused when the candle is used up. I'm all about reusing my candle jars and these are beauties. The wicks provide a lovely glow and gentle scent throw. I was afraid the woodwick would be hard to put out but I found it easy to blow out. Tobacco Caramel smells reminiscent of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, yummy and cozy. Fireside is more of a woodsmoke scent than the sweet smokey scent of B&BW's Fireside, wonderful on a cold day. The only downside was the scent names weren't marked on my candles (perhaps an oversight, perhaps just the way it is). However, there are paper labels on the bottom of the jars where I was able to right on the name.

Recently the owner, Elaine, posted a contest on Facebook to suggest layered candle scent combos of her fall scents. The contest didn't have much response and I won! As a prize I received a candle in my suggestion, Hayride over Mulled Cider.

This is a traditional wick candle in a square mason jar. I love how the layers are a bit tilted so I should have a period when both scents combine. So excited to burn this one but I think I'm going to save it for October.

 If you are a candle lover I highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop. She offers several sizes and varieties of candles in a bunch of scents and her prices are quite good. Right now (through Monday 9-15-14) she is offering a sale of 10% off your pumpkin scented order using the coupon code PUMPKIN.

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