Monday, September 22, 2014

September 2014 Goodebox

I received my bi-monthly edition of the Goodebox last week. September's box is curated by Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre 3.
The main item in the box is a free 30 day membership to, an online fitness site. The workouts are based on ballet, yoga and pilates moves and range from 10 to 60 minutes. The site also includes recipes and weight loss programs. I'm planning to start my free month over my long weekend next week so it will stretch into vacation the end of October. I am excited to try the workouts as I love both yoga and pilates. A "field guide" with food tips, exercise schedules and tracking charts was included along with one of those tacky stretch bracelets. Since I'm already using to track my fitness/weightloss I doubt I'll use the booklet and the rubber band is going straight to the trash. (value $15)

Next up are 3 sample packets of Weleda Skin Food. I love that they included 3 since most foil packets don't contain much product. Skin Food is a rich moisturizer for dry skin. I do believe I've tried it a long time ago and liked it. I'm sure it will be perfect for the the inevitable dry skin of winter! (value ?, maybe $.50)

A tin of Jacobsen Salt Co. salt. I must admit, I'm pretty cool with plain old kosher salt. This flake salt comes in a cute tin but otherwise, tastes like salt to me. I'm sure I'll use it but wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it. (value $2.95)

A full size All Natural Face cream blush in Dusky Rose. I already know and love this brand. I have 2 of their cream blushes already but this is a new color for me. These blushes are easy to apply and give long lasting color. The brownish red color should be nice for fall. (value $5.75)

SquareHue nail polish in Canon Drive 08.14. SquareHue is a monthly subscription box that includes 3 limited edition colors. Cost is $14.99 plus shipping (total $19.99). The polish I received was a gorgeous purple color. Unfortunately it chipped on me in less than 3 days. I'll give it another try or two to make sure it wasn't just a bad week. (value $5 plus there's a coupon to receive a free surprise box with your first month's subscription, value $15).

SkinnySkinny Dry Shampoo in Jasmine. I love the idea of not washing my hair everyday. And in that respect I am fortunate to have dry hair that doesn't get oily. Ever. So dry shampoo is a complete no go for me. However, this is a quite generous sample and I'm sure for someone that likes dry shampoo it would have been a great item. (value $7)

And finally a Coconut Cleansing Bar from Homespun Northwest.This is a small sample of a plain white coconut soap. It has no smell and, quite honestly, feels like a block of melt & pour soap. I use all the soap samples I get and I'm sure this will be a fine soap. I just prefer some bells and whistles in the soaps I buy so I don't think I would purchase this. (value ?, $1)

The Goodebox runs $18. So long as I actually use the Barre3 workouts I'll get my money out of it this month.

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