Sunday, September 14, 2014

Library sale book haul

Yesterday was the annual Myerstown Library book and bake sale. It was a cool rainy day. But attendance still seemed good and we sold a lot of books and yummy baked goods. I didn't find any of the specific books I was looking for but still managed to fill my bag with some good finds.

I've read a few Susan Wittig Albert and Janet Evanovich books in the past and enjoyed them so I added these five to my collection. Pumpkin Muffin Murder, The Lord is my Shepherd, Jeneration X and Talking to girls about Duran Duran have all been on my Kindle wishlist so I was happy to snag copies. Sugar Solution was recommend reading by my doctor a few years back. I'm a firm believer in cutting sugar and high glycemic foods so this should be interesting reading. Pirate Latitudes is a complete wildcard. I've read some Michael Crichton when I was younger, I love pirate stories so it could be good. Looks like I may have lucked out this year and didn't purchase any books that were already on my shelf! C also picked up a big pile of books but I didn't get a picture before he put them away.

Now if I can just find time to read!!!

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