Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweet Anthem SA List Fall 2014 subscription box

My much anticipated fall subscription box from Sweet Anthem Perfumes arrived this week. The fall collection is called "Smoke Under Glass". Being the smoke lover I am, you KNOW I was super excited for these to arrive.

Unlike my first box which arrived with leaking/empty vials, this season's box arrived in excellent condition. Meredith has switched to new vials which didn't leak. She had each individual vial in it's own zip bag (I moved them all to one) and all were housed in a tin box.

The fall collection is comprised of two scents, Ella & Petra.

Ella is a blend of agarwood, black tea, lavender and pumpkin. While Petra has notes of candle smoke, cherry, heliotrope, immortelle, myrrh, and vanilla.

I thought all along Petra would be the winner for me but it was actually my least favorite. It's ok, but comes off a bit medicinal on me, kind of like the smell of bandaids. Ella, on the other hand, is gorgeous. The notes blend perfectly into a sweet, rich scent.

Also included in my package was a solid perfume of Catherine, amber, bergamot, neroli, red tea and wisteria. I already have this one and like it as a light citrus.

And finally a sample of Owl.  The description starts "essence of barn owl". WHAT? I wouldn't have a clue what a barn owl would smell like but I'm assuming not this. This actually smells pretty good. Notes are listed as jasmine, mimosa, black and white ambers, Chai spices, juniper berry, and vetiver. In the vial the vetiver smells quite strong but on the skin the chai spice and amber dominate. Quite lovely. (ALWAYS test on your skin! Bottle sniffs can be totally different!!)

I'm exceptionally happy with my box this time. Well worth the price and I will definitely be using my coupon to get a bottle of Ella, and maybe Owl too. 

Subscriptions to the SA list are currently closed. Sign ups will start the end of November and you can sign up now to be notified.

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