Saturday, August 09, 2014

Future Primitive haul

It's been quite a while since I ordered from Future Primitive. But during her recent summer sale I heeded the siren song and placed an order.

I ordered just one soap since I just recently got those soaps from Alamo Candelaria and fall releases are right around the corner. Tobacconist sounded right up my alley with cedar, sandalwood, and oak. It doesn't disappoint. I went for the triple play with soap, bathing grains and aromatic oil.

I also picked up the oil of Rook and Raven and bathing grains in Rook and Raven and Black Honey. I've long loved scented baths and have recently settled on bath salts as my favorite scent delivery method. I was digging bath bombs for a while but they leave the tub such a mess. It's wonderful to have some luxuriously scented salts that perfume the whole bathroom yet rinse clean from the tub. Tiggy had these pouches full up to the brim. Unfortunately all 3 came open during shipping anointing everything in a salty film. It's amazing how messy a small amount of salt can be because the pouches are still very full. I haven't tried these yet but they smell amazing.

Delivery took about 3 weeks but she was on vacation for a week so really it only took about 2 weeks in transit. Postage costs were insane which is the main reason I don't tend to order from overseas. But every now and again, it is so worth the treat.

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