Monday, August 18, 2014

eSalon custom hair color kit

I'm really excited to share a new BzzAgent campaign I'm in. The company is called eSalon and they specialize in customized home hair color. I used to color my hair at home most of the time but with long hair it's tricky to get the color even so I usually leave it to the experts now. However, BzzAgent was offering a great deal to try eSalon for free (a $60 value with addons) so I decided to get on board.

After completing a survey on eSalon's website I was presented with a number of color options to choose from. I selected a color to match my current color since I'm happy with it and am not looking for a change. I was also able to select additional products (these addons are all optional). I placed my order and my kit arrived in only a few days. Everything was presented beautifully
First there is a folder showing my custom color blend (light brown golden) and detailed instructions for using the kit. Under that was the actual color kit with everything I'll need to color my hair.

The additional products I selected were the set of coloring tools (mixing bowl, brush, timer and clips) as well as an oil treatment (I'm ALWAYS game to try a new oil treatment!) and color enhancing treatment to match my custom color.

Since I just recently had my hair dyed at the salon it will be several weeks before I can try out the color kit. I am super excited to try the oil and color enhancing treatment right away, though. I'll be sure to post back after I've had a chance to give these a test and also when I am able to use the color.

Click here if you would like to check out eSalon for yourself. If you do, I would love to hear how it works for you.

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