Sunday, August 03, 2014

Dorco Razors

I received an invite to share a coupon from Dorco this morning and realized that though I have been meaning to for a long time, I have never talked about them.

I switched to Dorco razors almost a year ago. I've had used Gillette Venus razors for years and years and thought nothing could dethrone them. But my interest was piqued last fall when many of the beauty vloggers I flow on YouTube started buzzing about Dorco.

They have men's and women's razors in both refillable and disposable varieties. I've tired the Shai Soft Touch and Shai Smooth Touch (previously called Pace) refillable. Soft Touch features two 3 blade heads that flex a bit. While this does provide a close shave, I find the head quite bulky and hard to maneuver. Pace/Smooth Touch is also a 6 bladed razor but all contained in one single pivoting head. This is by far the best razor I have ever used. Holy Grail. The shave is close and nick free. The blades stay sharp for a long time and the rubber-encased metal handle is sturdy and slip free. Another nice thing about Dorco is that all of the heads and handles are interchangeable. So if you prefer the chunkier handle of the Soft Touch, but the smaller head of the Smooth Touch, you can make that change.

I'm pretty sure Dorco razors are available only from the company's website. They run specials all the time and shipping is free over $25 (plan on ordering at least $25, though, because I feel shipping is quite expensive if you don't). I was just rereading the FAQs and was reminded that they do offer $2.99 shipping on orders under $5.98 so you could try just one razor for under $10. They offer bundles so you can stock up on your favorite razor or try a variety pack. As I said at the start, they are offering a referral coupon at the moment for 15% off, good through August 31. If you are dissatisfied with your current shaving solution, I do recommend checking out Dorco razors. I hope your experience is as positive as mine!

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