Friday, July 04, 2014

Alamo Candelaria haul

I recently watched a video from Tiggy of Future Primitive Soaps where she talked about her Alamo Candelaria haul. I watch nearly everything Tiggy posts because I love her. Love her voice, love her soaps, love how she is always so positive and informative. So when the video came up in my queue I had never heard of Alamo Candelaria and had no idea what the video would be about. I just watched it because it was Tiggy. Turns out Alamo Candelaria is a soap shop out of San Antonio, Texas run by a lovely lady named Kyme. I sat enthralled as Tiggy unwrapped each carefully and beautifully wrapped soap. The soaps were mini works of art. And I was intrigued.

So down the rabbit hole I went searching out other YouTube videos of AC hauls. The more I watched, the more I wanted. Kyme even has her own YT channel where she shows her soap making and cutting. By the time I finished watching the series of videos on her Scentimental Serectorium collection I already had my cart loaded and was placing an order.

Her shop features soaps, candles, perfume and wax tarts. She has a collection of standard "artisan soaps", a collection of fancier soaps she labels "Ancient Series" and a special collection in honor of the All Souls Trilogy of books entitled "Scentimental Secretorium".
I ordered 3 of her artisan soaps, Blush (fruity, bright and sweet), Puro Gracia (clean and  fresh), Tamarind & Ginger (spicy and sweet). All came wrapped like precious little presents in signature wax/vellum paper with a paper band bearing the scent descriptions and ingredients all sealed up with a really, old fashioned, hand stamped wax seal. I couldn't bear to unwrap them. Click the links if you'd like to see what the soaps look like. They smell amazing!

I also ordered one of her soap/perfume sets from the Scentimental Secretorium line in Ysebeau. Everything in this line comes packaged in a hand decorated box featuring the alchemical symbols of a soap maker (water, lye, etc). Inside the products are wrapped in tissue paper and nestled in a bed of raffia. The scent is a rich, burnt sugar vanilla. Although I've drifted away from perfume oils of late, I do like this one and find it last a good while on my skin.

Kyme also tucked in 2 soap samples (Pompeii and Velvet & Violets) and a Salt Lique Lollie. I'm using the Pompeii sample and find it a wonderful soap. I am delighted with my order, as I'm sure you can tell. Next up I intend to order some of her wax tarts since she has far more scents available there than in her soap lines. Of course I'll be ordering more soaps too!

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