Sunday, August 29, 2010

Button jar

Hands up everyone that loves button jars. If you grew up with a grandma, mom or aunt who sewed, you probably know the joy that is a button jar. They are an endless source of fun for a child...sorting by color or size or number of holes, just rolling it around to hear the sound it makes. As an adult, I think they are aesthetically beautiful. Not to mention useful if you lose a button or are a crafter like me. And anyone who sews knows buttons are not that cheap any more. All the more reason my heart leaped when I found this little gem at the flea market today.
A jar full of green buttons marked $4.50 (although the vendor only charged me $4, sweet). C asked me what I had planned for them. Nothing really. They'll sit on the shelf and look pretty. I'll pluck a gem here and there when I have need. The kid in me could not resist dumping them all out when I got home and looking for treasure.

The jar did not disappoint. These were my favorites. Look at those colors! And see the nifty little 3 leaf clover on that one? Gotta find a special project for that one. Later I'll sort them and see how many are singles and how many are sets. The 8 year old in me is beaming.


Hanks In The Hood said...

Yay for buttons. How fun, even though I didn't grow up with the button jar! LOL. I do know the importance of a good button though. I find myself often knitting pullovers or open cardigans in fear of not finding the perfect button to go with my sweater. Great find!

Mom said...

I need to look for a jar to hold all my buttons. Remind me when we go shopping.

Fanie || said...

Wow! Now, that's one nice catch at your flea market. :-)

I'm "green" of jealousy, here! ;-) Ehe!