Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Anyone who knows me and my knitting will know that I have a love/hate relationship with fine yarns. It took me a good year or two of false starts before I embraced and fell in love with socks. I'm still working to reach that same comfort zone with laceweight yarn. I've reached a point in my knitting life where I'm ready to expand my horizons and venture into new territory. The February Lady proved to me I could successfully tackle lace albeit at a large gauge. Now I'm itching to try laceweight yarn again. So I took the plunge and ordered 2 skeins of Nicanor from 100PureWool.com. I chose standard shipping and the package took about 3 weeks to arrive from Uraguay. The yarn is fabulous. The softest merino you can imagine, soft spun in a singles yarn. The color is gorgeous. Even though I had other things to attend to last night, I made sure to carve out enough time to wind one of the skeins up and cast on for a wrap.I'm improvising the pattern and it will be very plain. I figure tackling the laceweight yarn will be enough of a challenge without struggling through a lace pattern as well. So far, I'm in heaven. This little exercise in growth may or may not work out for me, but at the moment, the prospect is good.


Hanks In The Hood said...

The yarn is beautiful even though lace weight scares the crap out of your big bulky friend. Good Luck!

Joy said...

Those colors are SO BEAUTIFUL! And it's knitting up gorgeous as well.