Saturday, February 07, 2009

One step closer... being able to start my fair isle sweater. A bunch of the yarn arrived this week from Webs.The colors are (from the top) light grey, dark grey, fawn, chestnut heather, pine, eggplant, dark navy and merlot heather. I'm stymied until the natural and black arrive from back order (expected the end of March). I do have some similar weight black and natural that I'm going to use to do some sample swatches with.

It's been ages since I spoke about spinning. I am indeed still spinning. My foot issues are pretty much resolved and I can treadle with two feet again. Here's what I've spun since I last posted handspun:

Hanks in the Hood merino wool in Cozy Stripes colorway. My first true fingering weight handspun.

CJ Kopec merino, bfl, silk blend in Cottage Rose colorway. Still find it difficult to spin with silk.

Ashland Bay merino in Sapphire colorway.

Pigeon Roof Studios Superwash BFL in the Nightshade colorway. This is only half the roving. I've given up on trying to squeeze 4 ounces of fiber on a bobbin.
I've still got a ton of fiber to spin through, of course. Jen's trying to get me to spin for a sweater, but I'm not quite ready to commit to such a large amount of spinning just now. Maybe when my backlog of sweater knitting is a bit more under control!

My birthday turned out wonderful. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. I got two fabulous presents which I, unfortunately, don't have pictures of just now. My folks got me a darling little
4 cup coffee maker since I've recently developed an addiction to the stuff after a lifetime of tea drinking. And my sister gave me the ultimate present, a Marauder's Map. This thing is awesome. As you fold it out, you find different map views depending which folds are together. There are also little mini fold out maps inside. It's not a true map of Hogwarts, which is unfortunate. And much of the writing on it is jibberish repeated over and over. But the over all effect is grand. I love it. I will get pictures of it posted when I can.

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