Saturday, February 14, 2009

MAP! and the Collection

As promised, photos of the awesomest b-day present ever...the Marauder's MapFully opened it barely fits on my kitchen counterThere are little fold out maps on the insideAll in all a fabulous collectors piece. A display case will be forthcoming.

My indie perfume obsession continues. My current collection comprises 6 boxes.Cigar boxes are my favorite place for storing bottles. It keeps them organized and out of the light. I painted the cardboard box (which I previously blogged about) but left the wooden one exactly as I found it. It was a $1 steal at the flea market last fall. My eyes are peeled for more like it. The drawback to storing these little bottles in boxes is that you cannot see the labels. I write the names on white caps with a fine point Sharpie and find that dot stickers from the office supply fit well on the caps that can't be written on. Is there a silver Sharpie out there? Must remember to look when I'm at the store again.

I love mint tins for storing samples as well as the little wooden chests I found I Michael's for $2. A splash of paint and they are perfectly charming perfume boxes.

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Hanks In The Hood said...

You warned me that you had an obsession with your perfumes, but I didn't realized it was this bad!!!! By the way I have been wearing the Lavendar Wand that you made for me and I am getting tons of compliments on it. I have about 1/4 of the bottle left before I will be ordering a refill.