Friday, February 27, 2009

Darn you Brenda Dayne!

I am a HUGE Brenda Dayne fan. I feel her honorary title of saint is much deserved. If I were asked what one person I would love to meet, her name would be top of the list. Her knitting podcasts have been my companion since the day she started. I believe hers is the longest running knitting podcast (Marie Irshard was the first, but sadly she no longer podcasts). Brenda is witty, intelligent, thought provoking, inspiring, creative, the list goes on.

So after this litany of why I love her, why am I saying darn her? It is her selection of music. Hers is the only podcast that features music I can bear to listen to. I generally hate music in podcasts (accept for Stuck in the '80s, duh). But Brenda's tastes are very similar to mine so I usually enjoy what she has to offer. Enter podcast 73, yeah I'm a bit behind. The show ended with a song by Jonathan Coulton called Code Monkey. I urge you not to click the link. Most definitely don't hit the Play the Song button. I will not be held responsible for the brain siezing power of this evil and malignant earworm. Since first hearing the song yesterday, I think I have listened to it, oh I don't know, 30 times. Maybe more.
And, yes, it is playing now while I write this. This song totally rules.

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