Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ok, I did not rip out Fylingdales. I did give it a soak and blocked it and it blocked out to 45". That should be good. I decided to make it just a bit shorter so it won't hit so low on my hips where the lack of width might be a problem. I have split for the armholes and am working on the back section now.

While I was waiting for Fylingdales to dry from it's blocking session, I ended up casting on the February Lady Sweater. I blame the power of suggestion for this one. It's been mentioned in numerous podcasts lately and there are over 2000(!) in the Ravelry Projects section!! The sweater is based on an Elizabeth Zimmermann baby sweater. It starts with a simple, top down garter stitch raglan and ends with a lace body. I'm not a lace fan. At all. But I'm hoping the fact that this is done in worsted weight will make the lace a bit more palatable than the lace weight lace I've tried in the past. This is strictly a filler project to work on when I need a break from my "serious" knitting. I must not get distracted from the projects with deadlines!

Have ya'll heard of Neil Gaiman? I discovered his work in the movie Stardust. I don't think the movie made much of a hit in the theaters, I caught it on DVD and was very pleasantly surprised. It was a delightful movie. I sought out the book. The book was even better. A most enjoyable read, I highly recommend it. Gaiman has a wonderful style of writing. I suppose I shouldn't speak so broadly. Stardust is the only of his books I've read so far. But it did make a huge impression on me. So a few days ago, my sister sent me this link. Gaiman has a new book that just came out, The Graveyard Book. And he did a series of live readings of the book which are being posted to the Mouse Circus site, one chapter each day, beginning October 1. It is such a delight to hear an author read their own work. You know that the inflection is exactly as they intended. And Gaiman has a fantastic reading voice. I'm nearly caught up with the available chapters and am excited to hear the end. The story, like Stardust, is fantastic. The tale of a little boy who is raised by the spirits of a graveyard. If you are a fan of fantasy, do go check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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