Monday, August 11, 2008

Pile of Potential

Thanks to my new dedication to getting healthy, I've been spending an hour a day on the stationary bike. To get myself through this monotonous task, I knit. Mostly socks because they are small and don't get in the way. But, let me tell you, I'm getting seriously burned out on socks. This summer I made the Darvoset and Twilight socks and have 2 other pairs of socks 3/4 done. I think my problem was to get too many pairs of socks going at one time. I do like to always have a pair of socks going so I have easy knitting to pick up at any time, but I let it get a little out of hand. Now I'm burned out and am having trouble getting motivated to finish these up. So I decided to give myself some enticement...Here is my fall knitting queue. A pile of potential just itching to get on the needles. The white yarn is for Savannah, the purple Country yarn is for Flyingdales, the pastel yarn in the front is my own handspun for the Narragansett Bay Hat from A Fine Fleece and finally the STR Raven yarn from last fall for a pair of mittens. These are all projects I am dieing to get going, but am determined to finish up some of the current WIPs first. In addition to the socks, I've got mom's scarf (now in it's 4th incarnation, but this time it's working so there's a decent chance I'll finish it this time), Milan is still slogging away (I'm working the Spur stitch panel which requires a fair amount of attention on my part so it doesn't get picked up much.) I had stared a Baby Surprise Jacket, but it wasn't working at all so I wisely ripped it back and set the yarn aside to eventually knit into one of the sweater patterns that came with it. My goal is to finish up the socks by Labor day and switch to mittens for my mindless knitting for the fall. When Milan is finished I'll start one of the sweaters, I may have to flip a coin, I want them both very much. When I finish the scarf, the hat goes on. I'm hoping this plan will give me encouragement to finish all the projects. We'll see how well this plan works!

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