Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ressin, fressin rabbits!

To quote the infamous Yosemite Sam "I hates that rabbit!" I swear the little bugger is reading this blog (maybe it wasn't such a good idea for the library to become a wi-fi hot spot after all). No sooner than I took the cans off the broccoli last night and posted my confidence that they were now big enough to survive then I go out this morning and find the rascilly rabbit had eaten one almost back down to the stem! They are now re-armored.And look who was hopping away on the other side of the wall when I just went out to take the picture...
I'm no longer dealing with the cute, but unfortunate domestic bunnies (we know one was hit by a car, not sure what happened to the other but haven't seen it in a week or so). No, now we've got the ninja wild rabbits to contend with. I've been avoiding fencing. It's unattractive, cumbersome to work around in such a small space as I've got and expensive. But it may soon come to that. For now, old coffee cans will hopefully do the trick.

I received my most recent fiber stash enhancement in the mail today. Two lovely rovings from Keri (UpTheMudCreek on Ravelry). She posted a huge destash list earlier this week and I snapped up these two. First is a merino roving from FatCat Knits. The colorway is Chasm and it is gorgeous autumn looking to me.
This one is from Spunky Eclectic. It was the April club fiber called The Perfect Storm in Wensleydale. It does put one in mind of a stormy sky.
I've never spun Wensleydale and I'm excited to see how it goes. I believe it is a long wool breed which I find a bit hard to work with at times. Unfortunately the weatherman was right and it is pushing 95 at the moment so spinning is not in the picture for today (the room with my wheel is not air conditioned.) However, I may bring the wheel into the a/c tomorrow. It's been about 2 weeks since I've been able to get any serious spinning in and I'm in withdrawal!

I was just looking back over my blog posts and realized I completely missed posting a very important announcement. My good friend and fiber pimp, Jen has gone big time! Her fabulous custom blended batts are now carried by Paradise Fibers! You can still find her on her website and on Etsy as well, but be sure to check out Paradise Fibers too.

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