Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A happier post

Well, it's not all bad news in the garden. We've got babies...
Two little mourning dove babies are nesting in my garden.
They are the cutest little things. They just toddle around, nibbling at the clover. We had one last year, but only saw it once or twice. We've seen a lot of these two. They tend to just sit there and watch me work in the garden. If I get too close, the scurry away, or flap their wings and fly a few inches. But mostly they just sit there and stare at me. Too adorable. Some days I find them nestled in the straw around the onion plants, but I think they are nesting under the honeysuckle. I know birds and bunnies are all God's creatures, but it's so much easier to love the cute, non-destructive ones.

Here's a picture of the honeysuckle.It was planted 6 years ago to mark where my first pet, Winston, was buried. We originally had it on a small metal trellis, but had to cut it way back a year or two ago and remove the trellis. It's filling out nicely again and we hope to put up a sturdier wooden trellis. It smells divine. Especially at night when we sit out on the deck and the scent is carried up on a breeze.

We grilled out over the weekend and it reminded me I have another Favorite Thing to talk about. Chimney Starters
If you like to grill with charcoal these contraptions are a godsend. You stuff some newspaper in the bottom and load your charcoal briquettes in the top. Then you light the paper and wait. Within no time, the coals are ignited. I believe I first saw these used by my uncles & male cousins at the Miller family reunions when I was a wee one. When I got my first grill and tried to start my first fire without, I realized it was not an easy task. I remembered these from my childhood and sought one out. I've had it for years and have never once had a problem getting a fire started since then.

And finally, here is the view out of my back door right now.
Storms are called for tonight, but so far they are staying west of us. Except just now, we had a brief rain shower and the sun setting in the west cast this rainbow do east. You could actually see the entire rainbow, side to side, if you looked real hard, but only the left arm was photographable. Hopefully this is a sign of cooler temperatures to come!

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Knit Witch said...

Wow!! Great picture of the rainbow! How fun to have babies in your garden!