Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photos and a favorite thing

We're back in business with photos. First up, the lovely Gryffindor singles. on bobbin. 3 oz nearly fills the bobbin up.and plyed with dark brown and silver singles. Which do you like? Chuck and I are both leaning towards the dark. He said it makes a nice Halloween yarn. I'm thinking fingerless mitts to wear to hand out treats for trick or treat. At a distance the red and yellow do look rather orange, but up close you see how subtly the colors blend. So pretty.

I'm motoring right along on Milan. Left front done and half way up the right side. This yarn is nearly impossible to photograph, though. It's so shiny it just wants to glare, but you get a general idea. It's really pretty in person. The yarn is ever so slightly mottled shades of pale brown.

Finally, a favorite thing. If you listen to Meghan's podcast over at Stitch It, you'll know she includes a favorite thing in every episode. I adore this. It's such a happy positive thing to do. So today, I'm listing one of my favorite things. My Chamilia bracelet.
Last year I was at the local jewelry store getting my watch battery replaced and started looking around while I waited. Now, I'm not much of a jewelry hound. I've got my few pieces I wear all the time and a few special things I'll pull out for nice, but I don't have boxes full or change my earrings to match my outfit kind of thing. But I was feeling like I wanted to treat myself that day and thought these bracelets were really neat. You start out with the bracelet and can add charms as you go along. I've had charm bracelets before, in fact have a gorgeous one mom had made for me years back. But being a computer worker, regular charm bracelets were constantly catching on stuff or digging into my wrist. But these are different, since the charms are beads, they are comfortable to wear and don't catch on things. I love each charm on my bracelet and they all mean something special to me. Unfortunately, they don't have knitting or spinning charms yet. Pandora, who's charms also fit Chamila, has a ram that is pretty close to looking like a sheep, so that one's on my list.

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Hanks In The Hood said...

I agree with you and Chuck on the dark combination. I will have to work a bit more on the Harry Potter colored batts. Definitely needs to be darker. I love the bracelet too by the way.