Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend recap

So I was a busy beaver this weekend. I finished up the Eyelet Yoke Cardigan. Isn't it sweet?I sure hope it fits. Having no kiddies around to gauge the size against, I knit it strictly by the pattern. The yarn is incredibly soft and cuddly. And the fabric is a fairly loose gauge so it drapes well and should be multi-seasonal.

At the request of my yarn store owner friend, I sewed up a mess of sock bags.
Pretty new spring colors. And dyed up a bunch of yarn.From left to right: Lady Cardinal, Quartz, Shale and 2 skeins of Vincent. Whatever she doesn't take will be up on Esty soon.

I also finished up the first bobbin of the singles for my sock yarn.
The color is a bit washed out here, it's a darker green color in person. It will probably take me a bit longer to spin the second bobbin as tax season (and thus overtime) starts this week. Less time and way less energy means I may not be able to keep up with my half hour of spinning each night.

The highlight of my weekend was a comment on Ravelry about this little gem.
This is the felted case I made for mom's Zen mp3 player for Christmas. The pattern was written by Vicky Howell (find it here). It's super easy and fast. Not to mention adorable. Anyway, so yesterday I got a new message notice on Ravelry and it was from the rockstar knitting goddess herself, Vickie Howell! OMG, how awesome is that?! It was just a quick little message, but it so made my day. I'm so disappointed HGTV and DIY aren't producing Knitty Gritty anymore. Her show was great. Miss you Vickie.


Knit Witch said...

GREAT sweater and I love the yarn! What did you dye it with?

Lisa said...

The yarns are dyed with Jacquard acid dyes. So easy to use and consistently beautiful results.