Wednesday, January 02, 2008

She's heeeere

She arrived at lunchtime today. I had the wheel delivered to the office rather than having it sit on my porch all day while I was at work. Due to a situation at work, I worked through my lunch hour so was able to leave early. Everyone was chiding me that I just wanted to go home and play with my wheel. True, I won't deny it.
This is definitely a Polish wheel. Check out the packing paper.
It looks like there might be whole newspapers. I found myself sorting the packing papers just to see what the Polish newspaper looked like. What a GOOBER! Then I came to my senses and got the wheel unpacked.

It took about an hour and a half with the written instructions and video to figure out how to assemble her. The drive band gave me some trouble. Both instruction and video said the band came attached, which it didn't. There were 2 lengths of twine in the parts bag which were the drive bands. Luckily I've been reading "The Joy of Spinning" and the author describes how to attach a drive band. I think it's right. The wheel turns so I guess that's what's important.

Here she is...
She's still nekid, but I hope to get oil to finish her tomorrow (barring any more crisises at work that would prevent me from getting to the hardware store). My preference is for Red Mahogany Danish Oil, but I may settle for plain Danish Oil or Antique Oil. Chuck said he likes the bare look and I'm starting to think I might like the light wheel as well. Once she's dressed, I'll name her. More pictures this weekend.

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