Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just do it

I took yesterday off from spinning. I did try my hand at dyeing another 4 ounces of the corriedale roving. This time I followed a suggestion I saw on Ravelry to braid the roving first, before dyeing. This seemed to work much better.I soaked the roving and laid it out on plastic wrap. I used an old baster to apply the dyes.Then I wrapped it all up and steamed it for an hour. Let it cool, rinsed very gently and hung it to dry. This morning it was still damp so I put it in front of the heater to dry.Quinn immediately took up a post of guard cat (actually, I think she just liked having the wool as a pillow in front of the heater! I unbraided the roving and it's finishing drying now. It's still a little compacted, but not as bad as my first attempt at dyeing roving. However, I think I much prefer dyeing yarn and will leave the roving to the professionals.

Speaking of which. I caved and ordered some more roving from Hanks in the Hood. Lavender Cream and Denim this time. I sold a book on this week and decided to do my part for the economy and spend the profit. That's right. I sold one book and had enough money to buy 2 hanks of roving. AWESOME. Jen is so delightful to shop with. I just can't recommend her highly enough. This is why I love shopping on Etsy. You get to meet the best people. And, Jen, if you're reading this, I'm not just sucking up. :)

Anyway, back to spinning. Saint Brenda's most recent podcast was titled Start as you mean to go on. She spoke about making your dreams come true. Doing what it takes. Not being afraid. Then yesterday, Miss Violet posted about getting past a particular art project that had her stymied. She "put on the big girl panties" and faced the challenge and succeeded. So with all this just do it karma floating around, I decided to pull out the lovely HITH roving and get to spinning this sock yarn I'm dreaming of. It's slow going. I'm really paying close attention to everything, the tension, the treadling (painfully slow), the drafting and movement of my hands. I spun for about half an hour and didn't even get one row across the bobbin. But, what's there is super even and very fine. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? Thanks Brenda & Miss V for the encouragement to take the first step, the risk and to succeed.


Knit Witch said...

Ooooo I love it! I'm so jealous!!!

What kinda book you got out there??? Send me a link!

itsjustmeghan said...

spinning sock yarn IS a big accomplishment! as is dying roving!
thanks so much for the feedback on my podcast! i'm off to check out all of your bloggy goodness!!!!!