Sunday, January 13, 2008

Handspun #2

So yesterday I spent a good two hours straight spinning at the wheel. I found some roving I forgot I had and practiced spinning the whole 2 ounces of it. (A while back I bought a drop spindle and it came with this roving. I never got the hang of spindling but I never threw out the roving.) It was great practice and I was able to be fairly consistent in thickness. I'm still struggling with overtwist. I spun enough of the corriedale to have 2 bobbins of about 2 ounces each.
You can see an over twist on the mauve yarn on the left. Today I plyed the 2 singles together. The singles weren't quiet spun to the same thickness so I didn't have enough cream to ply all the mauve, but I did as much as I could and skeined it off on to the niddy noddy.I love the way it looks plyed together.
It's about 42 yds. I'm going to have to research patterns that use small amounts of yarn.

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Knit Witch said...

Oh my gosh........I am not liking you right now......

That looks GREAT!!!!