Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yarn diet...the rules

Ok, if I'm going to do this yarn diet, I figured I better set some rules ("they're really more like guidelines") for myself.

Rule 1: The diet starts now. Although technically the last time I bought yarn was 3 days ago, I'm officially starting to count from today.

Rule 2: I will not purchase yarn for any new projects until
a. April 15 (might as well use another significant date to keep things simple) OR
b. I have enough money for a wheel and what ever I need to get started spinning (roving, books, videos, etc)

Rule 3: If I run out of yarn for a project currently underway or one started from stash, I can buy enough yarn to finish that project.

Rule 4: I will save the money not spent on yarn towards the purchase of a new spinning wheel.

Four rules sounds like enough. Should I change my mind about the wheel at any time in the next 4 months, I'm going to stick to the diet. The purpose for the diet is two fold: save money for a wheel AND reduce stash. For motivation, I'm going to put one of those nifty counter things on my sidebar to help track how long I can stick to the diet. I imagine this will be infinitely easier than any food related diet I've ever stuck to. There's plenty of stash to dive into and hopefully enough variety to keep me interested. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

So, what kind of wheel is on your wishlist? I have an Ashford Joy double treadle and I am determined to LEARN TO SPIN!!