Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas wrap up

With Christmas being in the middle of the week this year, it seemed to go by in a blur. Even so, we had a fantastic Christmas. The husband and I had agreed not to buy each other gifts this year (although I did manage to surprise him with seasons 2&3 of the original Star Trek that I picked up for a song months ago). We both have most of what we want and its hard for him to get me the knitting stuff I want and for me to get him the vintage toys he wants. So we gave each other the gift of a shopping spree. I got EZ's Knitting Around DVD set, Harry Potter & the OOTP DVD, and the books Teach Yourself Visually Spinning and the Harmony Guides Knit & Purl. The family gift exchange was great. Everyone enjoyed their gifts. My sister gave me the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD (one of my absolute FAVORITE series. She also pointed out you can go here and get rifftracks for recent movies. I'll be checking these out for sure.)

The most special gift I got was a scrapbook from my mom.
She made scrapbooks for both my sister and I. It was so touching I couldn't even look at it without choking up. I have looked at it since then and it's wonderful. Chock full of memories. I will treasure it always.

Wheel update: I heard from Bob yesterday and got the tracking info for the Minstrel. It's schedule to be delivered on Wednesday (although I have my fingers crossed they'll bring it on Monday, it's already in Pennsylvania so the possibility is good). I've decided I want to use a Danish Oil finish on it rather than stain and polyurethane. I checked at the one hardware store in town, but they only had the Danish Oil in Natural and I've got my heart set on Red Mahogany. And for as precious as this wheel is to me, I'm not going to just settle on something. There's another store in town here I can check. And there's always Lowes or Home Depot. Bob suggested Antique Oil, which Ace did have. So if I really truly can't get the Danish Oil I want, I might go with that.

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