Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1, will fall EVER get here?

It's been a lovely weekend. Still on the warm side, but there's the tiniest nip in the air hinting that fall may actually be on it's way. We put up our Halloween decorations hoping to work some voodoo to get fall to arrive.

I delivered my yarns and bags to the yarn store today and the owner seemed pretty pleased. She bought all the yarn I had and a few of the bags. My fingers are crossed they do well for her. I'm anxious to get more yarn to dye. Hopefully by the end of the month they'll be back in stock.

I couldn't resist a bit of stash enhancement while at Ball & Skein today.
Cashmerino Aran
3 balls of Cashmerino Aran. Hopefully enough for some winter mittens. I do love this stone color, but will probably end up dyeing it for something more unique.
Edna was working on a sock yarn chevron scarf that mom really liked. So I picked up a ball of Sockotta to make one for her.
Sockotta Fair Isle

I've been knitting away on Mr Greenjeans.
Mr Greenjeans bodice, front view
I've made it to the bottom of the armholes. I'm a bit concerned I may not have enough yarn. According to the pattern the size I'm making takes 4 balls of the yarn called for. That would be 1120 yds. But even 2 sizes up only call for 4 balls. I have 1115 yds. so it should be plenty. I think I'm going to pick up another ball or two of Patons Classic Wool when I get to the store, though, just to be safe. I took really good notes and saved my dye stocks just in case I do need to dye up another skein.

Knitting on hubby's sweater went very fast. I had the body and both sleeves done in a few hours. The hand work, as always, is taking much longer. I ribbed the sleeves and got the collar in. Now I'm working on the sewing up and will knit the bottom ribbing in the round last. Hopefully should have pictures next weekend.

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