Sunday, October 28, 2007

New dye batch and what's on my needles

I finally got more Bare to dye. Here's my latest batchMy friend at the yarn store gets first choice, then the rest will be going up on Etsy later this week. I'm taking better notes so I can try to replicate colors in the future. I'm getting to the point I like so many of the colors, I don't want to let them go! Edna told me she was able to get undyed yarn from one of her suppliers. I'm anxious to see what it's like. I love the KP yarn, but it would be nice to have another source as well.

Hubby and I are on vacation this week. We have few plans, which is just how I like it. I've got books and magazines to get caught up on and tons of knitting! Mr. Greenjeans is cruising along. The body is finished and I'm halfway down the first sleeve.
Mr Greenjeans
And it looks like I'm not going to run out of yarn, YAY!

In anticipation of loads of knitting time I treated myself to one of Sharon's She-Knits bag patterns, Melly's Cousins Bag. I've ordered Berkshire Bulky in Coffee Bean and Tan from Webs and it should be here Monday or Tuesday. Speaking of Sharon, she's got a group over on Ravelry knitting the Felted Clogs. Mine are starting to develop a hole in the heel so I decided to join in. I picked up some Patons Classic wool in Leaf Green and Old Gold on sale at Michael's.
Felted Clogs
I also snagged some faux suede on Ebay with the hope of sewing soles to the bottoms for reinforcement. It was cheap so I won't feel bad if my plan doesn't work. I still have 2 pair of socks and the v-neck shell on my needles too! I'd say I've got PLENTY to keep my busy.

Still on the major clean-up kick. I thoroughly cleaned and reorganized the sewing/craft room. Many bits and bobs were tossed, sold, given away or re-purposed. I finished the Tumbler quilt I started last year.
Tumbler quilt
I decided I would never finish the log cabin rug I was making for the kitchen, so I bound it off and it's now a perfectly sized mat for under the cat's food dish.

I'm seriously considering frogging the Montego Bay Scarf. It spites me after all the trouble I went through to get the pattern and how lovely the SeaSilk yarn is. But I was looking at it today, thinking, even if I finish this, I'll never wear it. It would be a serious waste of beautiful yarn to knit something to sit in a drawer. But, I don't have any other ideas for the yarn either. Perhaps a stole. But I already tried it once in the Huck Lace shawl and didn't like it. For now, it's neatly tucked away in a drawer until I decide if I will finish it or frog it.

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