Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall has arrived!

Hooray! The heat has finally broken and it's starting to feel like fall. This week the daytime temps were in the 50s and 60s and it's been down into the 30s at night! AWESOME. Some people have their spring cleaning. For me it's fall cleaning. The cold weather really puts me in the mood to spiff up and throw out. We steam cleaned the carpets on Friday, did the curtains and windows yesterday, as well as washing all the woodwork and rearranging the furniture. Today I'm going through all my old quilting and knitting magazines getting ready to sell the ones I don't need/want any more.

I've not gotten much knitting done the last few days with all this cleaning and now my wrist is buggered up from something I did (probably over exertion) so there will be no knitting today. Instead, pictures of what I have managed to get done:

Hubby's (impossible to photograph) sweater
He requested, plain and black. So there it is. Plain. and Black. Black does not photograph at all well. The sweater is nearly done. I have about half of the bottom hem left to bind off and a few ends to sew in and it's finished. I'm doing a sewn bind off that I saw on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Glossary dvd. It keeps your ribbing nice and stretchy without looking sloppy. For me, though, it seems to take forever to execute. But the results are well worth the extra time if it means the difference between getting the sweater over your head or ripping your ears off because the neck opening won't stretch.

I've been devoting about equal time to the black sweater and Mr. Greenjeans. I'm still just loving this pattern. I changed up the cable section just a bit. I'm working the cable every 6 rows rather than every 4. The look is only slightly different...But it should save me just a bit of time over all. The cables are great. It's just a 4 stitch cable and I'm able to do them without a cable needle as described in the pattern. But there are a lot of cables and those rows still go really slow for me. A few extra plain rows in between crosses is a simple, barely noticeable time saver.

I've worked only a few more rows on the V-neck shell. I would still like to get it done to wear as a vest this fall, but I'm thinking I'll be happy if I finish it by the end of the year.
I do like this project, but cotton still is not by favorite fiber to knit with. This yarn (Aunt Lydia's Denim) is certainly one of my favorite cottons, but I still can't seem to get motivated to finish it.

No pictures of the socks. Neither the Jaywalkers nor the "not" Tube Socks have shown much progress. I've spent too much time working on the big projects and almost no time traveling to get any work done on the socks. Would have loved to have the Jaywalkers done for Halloween since they are in my Halloween yarn, but it ain't gonna happen.

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